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Sales of lifts

The sale of new and used models is within the scope of our offer. For over a dozen years, we have been providing customers with machines from recognized manufacturers! We offer various types of aerial platforms. We sell through direct contact with customers, and add all offers on our website zwyzki.pl

Aerial work platforms for sale!

When it comes to selling aerial work platforms (basket lifts), we have telescopic/articulated, mast and crawler (spider type) models to choose from. The machines have different drives, i.e. electric or combustion engine versions. Electric powered lifts are suitable for indoor use mainly due to lack of exhaust emissions and non-marking tyres. Diesel models can be used even in very difficult terrain.

We sell brand new machines from manufacturers as well as used machines used every day in our rental shop. We are able to sell aerial work platforms directly after the rental period. You can check the machine every time, however, renting the equipment, we are responsible for it – so we have to take care of its efficiency constantly.

An undoubted advantage of aerial work platforms is their range. The maximum working height when the basket is lifted vertically is as much as 25.60 m. An advantage of the basket models over scissor lifts is also the lateral reach (up to 16.20 m of horizontal reach) and the possibility to rotate the body up to 360 degrees (all-round movement with the 0 point). The basket models allow you to reach farther without having to move the machine often.

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Lifts for sale offers available at zwyzki.pl

We know the subject better than others! We will help you choose the right machine and sell it at a competitive price. Check the offer and call us!

Scissor lifts for sale!

Scissor lifts, unlike basket lifts, have a platform that extends up to 1.5 m during use, increasing the working area. In this group, the movement of the lifts takes place in up-down direction. The maximum working height of the combustion engine models is 18.5 m. The lateral reach is limited to the extension of the platform mentioned above. Scissor lifts, on the other hand, have a much higher lifting capacity than basket lifts (up to 1134 kg), therefore they can efficiently move even teams of several employees with tools.

Check the offer for scissor lifts. The sale conducted by our company concerns only lifts of valued producers, i.e. Genie, Haulotte, Holland Lift or JGL.

Our competent staff will advise you on technical and practical matters, so that your lift will meet the expectations in terms of functionality and will perform all the tasks at a given workstation. We will help you decide on the type and type of drive and other parameters that have a significant impact on the ergonomic work at height.

With the length of experience in the market we have gained the opinion of professional and expert advisors, both in terms of rental and sale. We also have contacts with manufacturers, thanks to which we offer competitive prices. We invite you to contact us! +48 739 298 385

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