jcb 535-125 - ładowarka teleskopowa

JCB 535-125

The JCB 535-125 multi-purpose telehandler is perfect for use on the construction site and in materials handling. The high lift height and reach, off-road tyres, powerful engine and simple controls ensure maximum work efficiency!
  • Lifting height: 11.60/12.27 m
  • Forward range: 8.06/8.06 m
  • Maximum load capacity: 3500 kg

Technical data JCB 535-125

  • Max. lifting height/extended supports 11.60/12,27 m
  • Max. forward range/extended supports 8.06/8.06 m
  • Depositing height/extended supports 11.00/11.75 m
  • Maximum load capacity: 3500 kg
  • Load capacity at max. height/extended supports 1500/3500 kg
  • Load capacity at max. reach/extended supports 200/1350 kg
  • Weight approx 10060 kg
  • Transport width 2.35 m
  • Transport length 5.80 m
  • Transport height 2.59 m
  • Stabilizer supports yes
  • Power supply diesel
  • Drive 4x4, crab mode
  • Tyres black, off-road

Explore the capabilities of the JCB 535-125 telehandler

  • The JCB 535-125 telehandler was designed to make many jobs easier. It is a modern, eco-friendly and efficient model that tackles all challenges.
  • The maximum lift height of the loader is 12.27 m with a maximum forward reach of 8.06 m. It has a stacking height of 11.75 m, which allows many jobs at height to be carried out easily and safely.
  • The capacity of the JCB 535-125 telehandler is 3500 kg at maximum lift height and up to 1350 kg at maximum reach.
  • The loader is extremely manoeuvrable thanks to its compact dimensions, being 2.35 m wide, 5.80 m long and 2.59 m high, with a compact wheelbase and large steering lock angles.
  • 109hp Stage V DieselMAX engine with 3 steering modes for full productivity and economy.
  • The hydraulic systems based on JCB Smart technology used in the JCB loader significantly speed up lifting, extending and pushing loads.
  • Off-road tires combined with 4×4 drive and stabilizing supports ensure efficiency and safety of work on various surfaces.
  • The JCB 535-125 loader also has an operator stand cage, a load control system and uses the LiveLink fleet management system to also monitor the DPF remotely.
jcb 535-125 na wynajem

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JCB 535-125 telehandler in action!

The JCB 535-125 is a telehandler that is proven in many tasks of lifting and moving heavy loads. You can also hire extras like a hook and buckets, which allow you to use the machine for a range of jobs.

This model is perfect for construction site work where it can be used to move building materials. It also works well on warehouse sites, where it easily transports goods on pallets. It is also reliable in agriculture and forestry.

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