genie gs3232 - podnośnik nożycowy elektryczny

Genie GS3232

The Genie GS3232 electric scissor lift with E-Drive provides easy access to spaces nearly 12m high. Zero emissions and quiet operation make it ideal for indoor height work.
  • Working height: 11,50 m
  • Maximum lifting capacity: 227 kg
  • Weight: approx 2352 kg

Technical data Genie GS3232

  • Working height: 11,50 m
  • Platform height: 9,50 m
  • Platform dimensions: 2,26 x 0,81 m
  • Extendable platform: 0,90 m
  • Maximum lifting capacity: 227 kg (2 people)
  • Transport width: 0,81 m
  • Transport length: 2,44 m
  • Transport height: 2,38 m
  • Height with folded rails: 2,03 m
  • Stabilizing supports: yes
  • Power supply: batteries
  • Drive: 2x4, 2WD
  • Weight: approx 2470 kg
  • Tires: gray, non-marking
  • For work: indoors
  • Ride Height: at 6,70 m

Genie GS3232's capabilities:

  • The Genie GS 3232 scissor lift is a device that allows you to carry out efficient and safe work at height, also in confined spaces.
  • The working height of the boom is 11.50 m, which allows it to reach high places. Additionally, it is equipped with a 0.90 m extendable working platform, which extends its possibilities.
  • The work basket, fenced with railings, has dimensions of 2.26 x 0.81 m and a load capacity of 227 kg, thanks to which it can easily accommodate two people with tools and materials.
  • Due to the small transport width of only 0.81 m, the lift can easily pass through doors.
  • The front-wheel drive combined with the high degree of steering makes maneuvering much easier. Also noteworthy is the ability to climb slopes up to 14 °, which is very useful when driving over loading ramps and other inclined surfaces. Automatic leveling of hydraulic supports enables operation on slopes up to 5˚.
  • The intuitive Smart Link ™ control system helps you to lift both from the build plate and the ground.
  • Reliable E-Drive electric motor supported by high-capacity batteries guarantees extended working time without frequent recharging.
genie gs3232 podczas prac w hali

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Genie GS3232 - in which works will it work best?

The Genie GS3232 scissor lift is a versatile device that can be used indoors and outdoors.

It is especially recommended for work in closed rooms due to its electric E-Drive system, which ensures quiet and emission-free operation for an extended period of time. The Genie GS3232 increase can be used, among others, by in warehouses, industrial and production halls, and in public utility buildings. It is perfect for construction, finishing, assembly and maintenance works. In the case of outdoor work, the most notable feature is the ability to drive and work on small slopes, which distinguishes this model from others.

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