genie gs2632 - podnośnik nożycowy elektryczny

Genie GS2632

The Genie GS2632 electric scissor lift has a maximum working height of 9.92 meters and the lifting capacity of the platform is approximately 227 kg. It is a narrow model commonly adopted as a 10-meter one, intended only for indoor use.
  • Working height: 9,92 m
  • Maximum lifting capacity: 227 kg
  • Weight: approx 2000 kg

Genie GS 2632 machine specifications

  • Working height: 9,92 m
  • Platform height: 7,92 m
  • Platform dimensions: 2,26 x 0,81 m
  • Extendable platform: 0,90 m
  • Maximum lifting capacity: 227 kg (2 people)
  • Transport width: 0,81 m
  • Transport length: 2,44 m
  • Transport height: 2,50 m
  • Height with folded rails: 1,91 m
  • Stabilizing supports: no
  • Power supply: batteries
  • Drive: 2x4, 2WD
  • Weight: approx 2000 kg
  • Tires: gray, non-marking
  • For work: indoors
  • Ride Height: at full height

Find out more about the Genie GS 2032

  • The Genie GS2632 is an electric scissor lift with a working height of 9.80 m, which makes it perfect for working outdoors and indoors with high ceilings.
  • The working platform of the boom has the dimensions of 2.26 x 0.81 m and is secured with railings. A platform that extends over a distance of 0.90 m allows easy access to remote locations. The lifting capacity of the platform at the level of 227 kg allows two people to work simultaneously.
  • The slim design of the lift, which is only 0.81 m wide, allows it to pass through confined spaces, including doors and corridors. At the same time, it is very easy to maneuver, which translates into high precision of its positioning and easy operation. The device can also move with a raised build plate.
  • The Smart Link ™ control system makes it easy to steer the Genie GS2632 platform and select the correct lift height from both the platform and the bottom of the machine.
  • The lift is also equipped with an emergency brake, level and load sensors, as well as other safety features that make working with it comfortable and safe.
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Genie GS2632 in practice - when is it worth choosing?

An electric motor with efficient batteries makes it ideal for work in facilities, including warehouses, industrial halls and factories. It can also be used on even surfaces outdoors. Gray, non-marking tires allow the Genie GS2632 to crawl across a variety of floors, preventing contamination and damage.

The Genie GS2632 scissor lift is a device with a wide range of applications, which works well during various works at heights. It perfectly replaces the time-consuming scaffolding and guarantees a higher level of safety than ladders. The surplus can be used in particular during construction and finishing, installation, assembly and renovation works. It can also be used during storage, repair, service, maintenance or maintaining order at height.

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