genie gs4046 - podnośnik nożycowy elektryczny

Genie GS4046

The Genie GS4046 electric scissor lift with E-Drive system guarantees maximum efficiency for indoor and outdoor work at heights on level ground. Together you can reach up to almost 14 m!
  • Working height: 13,94 m
  • Maximum lifting capacity: 350 kg
  • Weight: approx 3200 kg

Technical data Genie GS4046

  • Working height: 13,94 m
  • Platform height: 11,94 m
  • Platform dimensions: 2,26 x 1,16 m
  • Extendable platform: 0,91 m
  • Maximum lifting capacity: 350 kg (3 people)
  • Transport width: 1,19 m
  • Transport length: 2,48 m
  • Transport height: 2,57 m
  • Height with folded rails: 1,98 m
  • Stabilizing supports: no
  • Power supply: batteries
  • Drive: 2x4, 2WD
  • Weight: approx 5700 kg
  • Tires: gray, non-marking
  • For work: indoors/outdoors
  • Ride Height: at full height

More about Genie GS4046 scissor lift

  • The Genie GS4046 is a compact electric jack that is perfect for a variety of tasks that require precision and reliability.
  • The working platform in this model is raised to a height of 11.94 m, which allows access to spaces at a height of up to 13.94 m. The extendable side deck, 0.91 m long, allows easier access to remote locations.
  • The dimensions of the platform are 2.26 x 1.16 m, which, combined with a maximum load capacity of 350 kg, allows up to three people to work simultaneously.
  • The Genie GS4046 access platform is compact, so it fits easily into confined spaces, for example, it can pass through standard double doors or corridors. It is 1.19 m wide, 2.48 m long and 2.57 m high.
  • The device can also be used on slopes with an inclination of up to 14°, so it can also travel on loading ramps and other elevations.
  • Intuitive operation is guaranteed by the reliable Genie Smart Link ™ system, which allows you to control the device from the platform and the ground.
  • Work safety is supported by, inter alia, dual electric brakes, overload sensor, tilt level sensor.
  • Electric, emission-free electric motor with E-Drive system is distinguished by exceptional performance when it is necessary to change the position of the device frequently. High-capacity batteries allow long operation on a single charge.

Rent a lift with transport!

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What are the applications for which Genie GS4046 boom lift is suitable?

The Genie GS4046 Electric Scissor Lift can be used indoors and outdoors on level surfaces.

The device works well, among others in warehouses and halls, in public facilities during works carried out on ceilings, walls, shelves and other structures. It provides effective operation during construction and finishing, installation and maintenance works, during the distribution of goods and order picking, or during cleaning, for example, cleaning glazing located at a height.

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