podnośniki masztowe

Mast lifts

Mast lifting platforms, briefly referred to as boom lifts or mast lifts , are devices used mainly for indoor work at heights (on an even, hardened surface). They work best in halls and warehouses. column platforms are compact in size , so they can work where others will not. Check the rental offer of machine lifts and call us!

Here are the biggest advantages and benefits for choosing mast lifts:

  • Compact size – mast models are the smallest lifts in our offer, thanks to their small size they fit into elevators and can work in narrow aisles.
  • Electric motors enable mast lifts to be driven emission-free – battery life is approximately 6 hours.
  • The maximum lifting capacity of mast lifts is 227 kg – this translates into the possibility of working for a maximum of 2 people (in a hall with no wind or 1 person outside).
  • The working height of the mast lift reaches up to 12.65 m. The smaller models allow to reach heights of 10 m, 8 m and 6.5 m, depending on the needs.
  • The low weight of mast lifts is another advantage. The lightest model weighs approx. 1000 kg, and the heaviest 4900 kg – this is important when the machine is to work on the floor.
  • Non-marking tires – wheels are made of solid steel and covered with non-marking gray rubber.
  • The possibility of extending the landing / platform by 51 cm – allows to increase the working surface and obtain lateral reach.
  • Convenient control from the level of the basket and the boom body.
podnośnik masztowy aa herkules

Call and ask about the rental of mast platforms from the offer!

We provide attractive prices and rental conditions. We will help you choose the right machine and take it to the address provided. We look forward to working with you!

Why is a mast lift worth renting from our rental?

Starting from assistance in choosing, through providing attractive prices and rental conditions, transport of lifting platforms, to service, operator training and sales. Knowing the needs and expectations of the market, we provide our services comprehensively. By delivering mast lifts, we serve customers with care for a good relationship at every stage of cooperation and after its completion.

Using the experience gained during over a dozen years of rental, we are able and willing to help at the selection stage. Our specialists will also take care of a competitive price. It is worth bearing in mind that in our rental shop, long-term rental begins with contracts for 12 months – use it to save! We provide transport of machines in a circle of 150 km from 4 branches of our company (Warsaw, Katowice, Wrocław, Łódź). Thanks to our service technicians and parts warehouse, in case of any problems / failure of the boom, we are able to react quickly (often even on the same day). We offer over several hundred machines for permanent rental, including mast lifts in several models. After the rental period, we provide the customer with the option of buying up the increase.

By renting a mast lift from the AA Herkules fleet, you can rely on our competence and experience. On the basis of an interview, specialists will suggest the optimal machine – perhaps it will turn out that instead of a mast lift, a different type of lift will be better.

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Lifting fleet

We have a wide range of lifts. The type of lift can be adapted to each place and the specifics of work at height.

Attractive prices

Short-term and long-term rental – with the possibility of negotiating the rental prices and purchase of equipment after the end of the contract.


Comprehensive service and repairs in the event of a breakdown – the machines are constantly serviced, and in the event of faults, we immediately respond to reports.

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