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Spider lifts

Among the many types of booms, special attention should be paid to specialized crawler jacks, the so-called spiders. These types of lifts provide the possibility of performing works at a height of up to 23 m. Find out about the possibilities of tracked lifts and take advantage of the offer of rental of specialized equipment at AA HERKULES.

A handful of information about tracked aerial platforms from our offer!

Crawler lifts are devices that resemble a spider when unfolded. They move thanks to the use of tracks covered with durable rubber. The advanced chassis allows, among others for climbing stairs. The transport width of the models is up to 110 centimeters – this is especially important when driving the machine through narrow corridors and doors.

Another advantage of the crawler jacks is the fold-out stabilizing supports. After placing the machine in the workplace, the operator mechanically unfolds it, which stabilizes and aligns the platform with the basket. The use of fold-out supports translates into significant possibilities in terms of upward reach and lateral overhangs. When the platform structure is lifted on the supports, the tracks are raised and are not in contact with the ground. In order not to damage the floor, overlays made of high-quality, durable material are used at the ends of the supports. It is important if we use the lift in sacred buildings or historic palaces, where the value of the floor is invaluable.

The track lifts are lightweight compared to the telescopic-articulated counterparts on the wheels. The weight of the combustion engine with a working height of more than 25 meters is approximately 16 tons. The weight 3 tonnes of the track jack, with a working height of 23 meters, is really not much.

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Ask for a spider lifter!

Reliable equipment available immediately and at competitive prices. Contact support for more information and rent a spider lift!

Rental of crawler boom lifts in AA HERKULES

Our rental of lifting equipment expands its offer in order to meet the expectations of customers. Several years of experience in the industry has allowed us to provide the fleet with one of the most specialized models of lifts – crawler lifts (spider type).

Tracked lifts thanks to their unique functions have gained recognition in the eyes of our customers. In many cases, they are the only correct choice. Boosts, thanks to the possibility of switching the power source, can work both outdoors and indoors. Spiders also benefit from the possibility of changing the spacing and independent adjustment of the height of the tracks and stabilizing supports. Fortune-telling spider jacks, the ability to work in hard-to-reach places, incl. on sloping grounds and terrain faults. Using the spider lift in closed facilities, incl. in churches or shopping malls, the customer does not have to worry about damaging the ground. The dimensions of the machine after folding and its low weight, with the offered heights and side ranges, are unheard of in other types of lifts – this is the best confirmation of high-class equipment!

We currently rent spider lifts manufactured by Teupen with working heights to 23 meters. We will deliver the equipment to the workplace and help explain how to operate it. Attractive rental prices and transparent conditions will convince you to choose our offer. Call our specialists and ask for a crawler lift or help in selecting the type for the type of work to be performed.

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Lifting fleet

We have a wide range of lifts. The type of lift can be adapted to each place and the specifics of work at height.

Attractive prices

Short-term and long-term rental – with the possibility of negotiating the rental prices and purchase of equipment after the end of the contract.


Comprehensive service and repairs in the event of a breakdown – the machines are constantly serviced, and in the event of faults, we immediately respond to reports.

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