jcb 540-170 - ładowarka teleskopowo

JCB 540-170

Choose the unrivalled JCB 540-170 telehandler and carry out work at heights of up to 16.70 metres! This versatile machine ensures safety and efficiency in a wide range of tasks - even on demanding terrain.
  • Lifting height: 11.57/16.70 m
  • Forward range: 9.04/12.50 m
  • Maximum load capacity: 4000 kg

Technical specification JCB 540-170

  • Max. lifting height/extended supports 11.57/16.70 m
  • Max. forward range/extended supports 9.04/12.50 m
  • Depositing height/extended supports 10.90/16.25 m
  • Maximum load capacity: 4000 kg
  • Load capacity at max. height/extended supports 1500/2500 kg
  • Load capacity at max. reach/extended supports 0/800 kg
  • Weight approx 12066 kg
  • Transport width 2,44 m
  • Transport length 6.36 m
  • Transport height 2.69 m
  • Stabilizer supports Yes
  • Power supply Diesel
  • Drive 4x4, crab mode
  • Tyres black, off-road

Discover the strengths of the JCB 540-170 telehandler

  • The durable and stable structure of the JCB 540-170 telehandler enables the efficient lifting of loads to a height of 16.70 m and depositing them up to 16.25 m with a simultaneous reach of up to 12.50 m.
  • The maximum load capacity of the loader is up to 4,000 kg, with a maximum height of 2,500 kg and a maximum reach of 800 kg, which makes it perfect for heavy loads.
  • Full work safety is ensured by JCB’s patented Adaptive Load Control system – adaptive load control, which helps in optimal load distribution.
  • The dimensions of 2.44 m x 6.36 m x 2.69 m make the loader highly maneuverable and can be used successfully in confined spaces.
  • Large, off-road tires in combination with 4×4 drive easily cope with uneven terrain. Stabilizing supports provide the optimum stability for the machine.
  • The JCB 540-170 telehandler has a 4-piece boom and is equipped with a hydraulic frame with chains for easy and quick load handling.
  • Efficient 109hp Stage V diesel engine with variable speed cooling automatically adjusts its operation to the ambient temperature to ensure high operating efficiency without frequent downtime and reduce labor costs.
  • Safety is also ensured by the operator presence sensor, the reversing alarm, and the comfortable driving of the machine and movement of the load is guaranteed by a clear control panel.
jcb 540-170

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Loader JCB 540-170 - in which works can it be used?

The JCB 540-170 is a versatile telehandler that is ideal for work on construction sites, storage yards, in the field and in the woods. Buckets and hooks can also be added to the loader to extend its functionality.

The JCB 540-170 loader can be used to carry heavy loads, for example building materials, paving, wood, goods on pallets. Compact dimensions, high lifting capacity and range allow you to work in many places, even those that are difficult to reach.

Take advantage of the AA HERKULES rental offer and choose the JCB 540-170 telescopic loader. We will deliver it to the site and pick it up after completion of the works, and in the event of problems, we will quickly repair the defects directly on site. Please contact us!

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