podnośniki nożycowe elektryczne

Electric scissor lifts

Our rental offer for electric scissor lifts includes compact models up to 6 m high as well as large lifting platforms up to 18.50 m. Electric scissor lifts are available with wide, workspace and narrow platforms allowing passage through doors.

We will help you choose the right model and deliver it to your destination.

Electric scissor lifts for halls, closed facilities and more!

Scissor lifts with electric motors do not emit pollutants to the environment, so they are used to work in closed halls or in warehouses. Most of the models in the offer can also be successfully used for outdoor work on paved ground. Machines work on a single charge for about 6 hours. The latest models are equipped with the E-Drive system for even longer battery life. Charging takes place via the network (230v).

The quiet operation of the lift is comfortable for employees, and the intuitive joystick allows easy control of the platform. We offer several models, smaller ones that can pass through standard 80 cm wide doors, and larger ones with a lifting capacity of up to 500 kg. The working height of electric scissor lifts ranges from 6 to 18.5 m (vertical movement: up-down). Thanks to the use of a retractable part of the platform by 0.46, 0.91 or even 1.5 m beyond the platform, the lateral reach of the lift and the working area are increased.

Electric scissor lifts have folding barriers. This makes transport and storage of the machine convenient and simple. All machines have full wheels covered with non-marking rubber.

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Ask for an electric scissor lift!

Thanks to us, you can rent a lift and perform the necessary work on attractive prices.

Lifting fleet

We have a wide range of lifts. The type of lift can be adapted to each place and the specifics of work at height.

Attractive prices

Short-term and long-term rental – with the possibility of negotiating the rental prices and purchase of equipment after the end of the contract.


Comprehensive service and repairs in the event of a breakdown – the machines are constantly serviced, and in the event of faults, we immediately respond to reports.

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