teupen leo18gt - podnośnik gąsienicowy pająk

Teupen LEO18GT

With the Teupen LEO18GT tracked aerial work platform, you can successfully work at a level of up to 18.30 m and a lateral reach of up to 8.50 m. It is a reliable model with hybrid electric and diesel engine for indoor and outdoor work!
  • Working height: 18.30 m
  • Maximum lifting capacity: 200 kg
  • Weight: approx 2450 kg

Technical specification Teupen LEO18GT

  • Working height: 18.30 m
  • Basket height: 16.30 m
  • Basket dimensions: 1.40 x 0.70 m
  • Side reach: 8.50 m
  • Maximum lifting capacity: 200 kg (2 people)
  • Transport width: 0.78 m
  • Transport length: 5.20 m
  • Transport height: 1.99 m
  • Stabilizing supports: mechanically adjustable
  • Power supply: 230v/diesel
  • Weight: approx 2450 kg
  • Tires: rubber coated tracks
  • For work: indoors/outdoors

What are the special features of the Teupen LEO18GT crawler jack?

  • The Teupen LEO18GT is a multi-capability crawler lift that allows easy positioning and safe and productive multi-site and outdoor job positioning.
  • The working basket of the lift is raised to the height of 16.30 m, therefore the employee in it can reach spaces located at the level of 18.30 m. At the same time, the machine allows for a lateral reach of up to 8.50 m, therefore it is easy to work with even over big obstacles.
  • Innovative work basket with rounded edges and dimensions of 1.40 x 0.70 m cooperating with the articulated boom guarantees precise positioning. The load capacity of 200 kg allows for simultaneous work by two people.
  • The basket can also be dismantled, which makes it easier to operate the lift through limited spaces.
  • Small transport dimensions, including a width of 0.78 m, a transport height of 1.99 m and a length of 5.20 m, allow the lift to pass through narrow corridors and passages. At the same time, its low weight makes it easy to transport.
  • The Teupen LEO18GT elevator tracks are finished with rubber for easy maneuverability and extra protection for many types of flooring. They also allow you to navigate on slopes.
  • Mechanical supports of the device allow for its full stability during work at height.
  • Convenience of control is ensured by an intuitive, detachable control panel that uses four joysticks.
teupen leo18gt praca w sanktuarium

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Teupen LEO18GT in action - discover the possibilities of the crawler-mounted skidder

The Teupen LEO18GT tracked lift is a versatile model that can be used indoors and outdoors.

Productivity is provided by a hybrid power system that allows the use of an electric motor and batteries and a diesel engine as needed.

Teupen LEO18GT can be used in facilities such as production and industrial halls, warehouses, shopping malls, office buildings and even churches. The boom can be used during construction and finishing works, assembly of structures and installations. It is recommended during cleaning works at heights, for example cleaning glass, removing branches, snow and icicles. In addition, you can use it to install decorations or advertisements.

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