haulotte 12dx compact - podnośnik nożycowy spalinowy

Haulotte 12DX

The Haulotte 12DX Compact motorized scissor lift enables efficient work on virtually any terrain. Four-wheel drive, optimum manoeuvrability and stabilising supports guarantee comfortable and safe work at heights of up to 12.00 m for up to three people simultaneously.
  • Working height: 12.00 m
  • Maximum lifting capacity: 450 kg
  • Weight: approx 4080 kg

Technical specifications Haulotte 12DX

  • Working height: 12.00 m
  • Platform height: 10.00 m
  • Platform dimensions: 2.50 x 1.55 m
  • Extendable platform: 1.20 m
  • Maximum lifting capacity: 450 kg (3 people)
  • Transport width: 1.80 m
  • Transport length: 3.00 m
  • Transport height: 2.55 m
  • Height with folded rails: 1.70 m
  • Stabilizing supports: yes
  • Power supply: diesel
  • Drive: 4x4, 4WD
  • Weight: approx 4080 kg
  • Tires: black, solid, off-road

Explore the capabilities of the Haulotte 12DX boom lift

The Haulotte Compact 12DX is a diesel powered scissor lift with a working platform that rises to a height of 10.00 m, making it possible to work up to 12.00 m above the ground. The platform, protected by railings, measures 2.50 x 1.55 m and is additionally equipped with a retractable platform 1.20 m long. The maximum load capacity of the platform is 450 kg, which makes it possible for three people to work safely with tools and materials.

The Haulotte Compact 12DX is distinguished by its compact transport dimensions. It is 1.80 m wide, 3.00 m long and 2.55 m high, which facilitates transport and work in places that are difficult to access. The small external turning radius combined with 40% maneuverability makes the boom very easy to position.

High productivity on difficult terrain is ensured by a powerful diesel engine, four-wheel drive, off-road foam-filled tyres and stabilizer feet. The unit is also equipped with tilt sensor, manual system for emergency lowering, portable control panel, hydraulic brakes, horn.

haulotte 12dx compact w wypożyczalni

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Haulotte Compact 12DX aerial work platform at height

Highly efficient yet compact, the Haulotte Compact 12DX scissor lift stands out for its wide range of applications during outdoor work at heights.

Haulotte Compact 12DX will prove itself especially useful during construction, finishing, assembly, maintenance and renovation works. It can be used, among others, for work with building facades, installations, assembly of structures. It also proves useful during cleaning works and outdoor events.

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