jlg nano 35

JLG Nano 35

The JLG Nano 35 elevator is an innovative solution for working at height, combining convenience, safety and eco-friendliness. It is an ideal tool for construction, maintenance and many other sectors where access to elevated areas is required.
  • Max working height: 5,50 m
  • Maximum lifting capacity: 200 kg (1 ppl)
  • Weight: ca. 432 kg

Technical data JLG Nano 35

  • Max working height: 5,50 m
  • Max basket height: 3,50 m
  • Basket dimensions: 0,72 x 0,85 m
  • Slide-out platform extension deck: none
  • Maximum lifting capacity: 200 kg (1 ppl)
  • Width stowed: 0,76 m
  • Length stowed: 1,20 m
  • Height stowed: 1,95 m
  • Power supply: 230V
  • Drive: none (pushing)
  • Weight: ca. 432 kg
  • Tires: solid | non-marking
  • Workplace: indoors
  • Max allowable wind speed: 0 m/s

JLG Nano 35 - capabilities and specifications

The JLG Nano 35 lift, designed by Power Towers, is an advanced lifting platform that is revolutionizing work at height. It is an electric mast lift that is distinguished by its ability to reach heights almost a meter higher than standard platforms. Its compact design and ease of maneuverability make it ideal for working in confined spaces, such as narrow hallways or single doorways. The Nano 35 is particularly useful in trades such as cleaning, painting, decorating and general maintenance work.

The Nano 35 elevator features a working height of 5.46 meters, making it the highest working platform among Nano machines. Its dimensions are just 1.205 x 0.76 meters, and it weighs 423 kilograms, making it easy to transport. It is equipped with a double mast with Ultra Glide technology, which ensures smooth and fast lifting. The maximum lifting capacity of the platform is 200 kilograms, which allows it to safely carry out a variety of work.

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Discover new possibilities with the JLG Nano 35!

When you choose the Nano 35 elevator, you’re investing in safety, efficiency and versatility. Contact us to learn more about how the Nano 35 can contribute to the success of your business.

Why choose the JLG Nano 35?

Choosing the JLG Nano 35 lift is a decision to invest in safety, performance and versatility. Its compact size and ease of maneuverability make it ideal for working in areas with limited access. The Nano 35 is an excellent alternative to traditional ladders, providing greater stability and safety when working at heights.

The JLG Nano 35 lift is ideal for a wide range of applications, from painting and maintenance work to cleaning and decorating. Its ease of transport and adaptability to work in confined spaces make it an indispensable tool in trade, industry and anywhere work at height is required. The Nano 35 is not only practical, but also economical, offering performance and safety at the highest level. When you choose the Nano 35, you are choosing an innovative solution that raises the standards for working at height.

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