jlg ecolift

JLG Ecolift

A compact 4.20-meter mast lift designed for indoor operation. Minimal operating costs, nearly maintenance-free system, that's what the JLG Ecolift is! Check out more information below.
  • Max working height: 4,20 m
  • Maximum lifting capacity: 150 kg (1 ppl)
  • Weight: ca. 305 kg

Technical data JLG Ecolift

  • Max working height: 4,20 m
  • Max basket height: 2,20 m
  • Basket dimensions: 0,65 x 0,85 m
  • Slide-out platform extension deck: none
  • Maximum lifting capacity: 150 kg (1 ppl)
  • Width stowed: 0,74 m
  • Length stowed: 1,28 m
  • Height stowed: 1,95 m
  • Power supply: none
  • Drive: none (pushing)
  • Weight: ca. 305 kg
  • Tires: solid | non-marking
  • Workplace: indoors
  • Max allowable wind speed: 0 m/s

JLG Ecolift - A revolution in access at height

JLG Ecolift is a breakthrough in safe and efficient access at height. Designed to replace traditional ladders and scaffolding, this innovative machine offers a unique combination of safety, efficiency and environmental friendliness. A product of JLG, a leader in the elevator industry, Ecolift stands out for its unique design and ease of use.

Specifications and Capabilities

Ecolift offers a working height of up to 4.2 meters, reached in just 11 seconds, thanks to its patented lifting mechanism. It is reliable and requires no electricity or hydraulic oil, making it greener and less maintenance-intensive. The machine is easy to transport and maneuver, making it ideal for use in a variety of environments such as schools, hospitals, offices, and construction sites. The Ecolift is also extremely safe to use, with automatically locking brakes and a fully enclosed platform to minimize the risk of accidents.

As a reminder, no license is required to use the JLG Ecolift.

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Rent a JLG Ecolift mast lift!

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Why choose a JLG Ecolift?

Ecolift’s ergonomic design keeps operators comfortable, reducing the risk of injury and fatigue. The machine has been ergonomically tested to minimize forces on the operator’s musculoskeletal system, which is especially important for prolonged use. Comparisons with traditional methods of working at height, such as ladders and scaffolding, have shown significant benefits from using the Ecolift.

Choosing the JLG Ecolift is a decision to invest in safety, efficiency and environmental performance. It is a solution that combines advanced technology with ease of use, offering users unparalleled convenience and safety when working at heights. Thanks to its versatility, Ecolift is used in a wide range of industries, from construction to general maintenance work in offices, schools, hospitals, etc.

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