genie gs 1932 micro

Genie GS1932 micro

Get acquainted with a new model in our offer, namely the Genie GS 1932 micro! Use it for work at heights of up to 7.55 meters. It's ideal for performing activities in narrow spaces where space is scarce, and the compact size of this lift is certainly up to such tasks!
  • Working height: 7,55 m
  • Maximum load capacity: 227 kg
  • Weight: ok. 1179 kg

Technical specifications Genie GS1932 micro

  • Working height: 7,55/6,57 m
  • Platform height: 5,55/4,57 m
  • Platform dimensions: 1,40 x 0,78 m
  • Maximum load capacity: 227 kg (1-2 ppl.)
  • Additional extendable platform: 0,60 m
  • Load capacity of extendable platform: 113 kg
  • Transport width: 0,81 m
  • Transport length: 1,40 m
  • Transport height: 1,97 m
  • Height with folded guardrails: none
  • Stabilizing supports: none
  • Power suppy: batteries
  • Drive: 2x4, 2WD (E-drive)
  • Weight: ok. 1179 kg
  • Tires: gray, non-marking
  • For use: indoors / outdoors
  • Restrictions for outdoor work: Working height 6.57 m, wind speed up to 12.5 m/s, 1 person

Meet the Genie GS1932 micro scissor lift!

The Genie GS 1932 micro scissor lift is a work at height device that is extremely powerful and compact. It is the perfect solution for people who need to perform work at heights where traditional methods are not effective or safe.

The Genie GS 1932 micro elevator is equipped with a number of advanced features that make it extremely versatile. These features include, but are not limited to: the ability to lift up to a height of 7.55 meters, handle loads of up to 227 kg, and a compact size, making it ideal for working in confined spaces.

The Genie machine is ideal for the construction sector, where it is often used for work at heights, such as painting, electrical installations, and maintenance work. In addition, the Genie GS 1932 micro aerial lift is often used for work in hard-to-reach areas, such as high-bay warehouses and manufacturing plants.

The Genie GS 1932 micro is designed with safety in mind. It meets all applicable safety standards and norms, making it one of the safest high-altitude work equipment on the market.

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Genie GS1932 micro aerial lift - what else is worth knowing?

In terms of cost, the Genie GS 1932 micro aerial lift is competitive. Its price is commensurate with the quality and functionality it offers. Compared to other aerial lifts, it stands out for its compact size, performance and versatility. The lift requires regular maintenance to ensure its long-lasting and trouble-free operation. This includes regular inspection and replacement of parts, as well as cleaning and lubrication.

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