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Lifting platforms

Discover a new era of safe and efficient work at height with our lifting platforms. The ideal solution for any task, our platforms provide the stability, comfort and performance you need.

Choose lifting platforms - a revolution in work at height!

Lift platforms are a modern alternative to traditional methods of working at height. We offer models such as the JLG Ecolift and the JLG Nano 35 with electric drive, which guarantee safety and comfort. Thanks to their ergonomic design, operators can work comfortably and efficiently, minimizing the risk of injury. Our platforms are ideal for working in tight spaces, providing easy access and mobility.

Safety is our top priority. All of our platforms are equipped with guardrails and safety systems to ensure protection while working. Automatic wheel locking when the platform is lifted ensures stability and safety. This gives the operator peace of mind that the machine won’t accidentally drive off during work at height.

A key aspect of lift platforms is their ability to increase productivity. Operators can work longer without feeling fatigued thanks to the ergonomic design of the platforms, which reduces the need to bend, stretch and reach. This, in turn, translates into better work quality and higher productivity. These types of platforms are easy to use, safe and efficient, allowing for a significant reduction in work time compared to traditional methods.

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Don’t risk your safety at height. Choose our elevator platforms and enjoy convenience and safety. Contact us to learn more about renting.

Lift platforms - Ideal for working at lower heights

Our lift platforms are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies that ensure stability and safety when working at various heights. JLG Ecolift and JLG Nano 35 models are environmentally friendly and ideal for indoor use. Thanks to their compact size, they move easily through standard doors and elevators, making them an excellent choice for work in hard-to-reach areas.

These types of platforms are also extremely efficient, allowing work to be completed faster and more effectively. They reduce the time it takes to set up and dismantle compared to traditional methods such as scaffolding or ladders. This not only saves time, but also costs for your company. It is extremely important to be cautious and safe, so our platforms are equipped with safety systems to ensure operator protection at any height. Ergonomic features, such as easy height adjustment and spacious working platforms, ensure work comfort, minimizing the risk of fatigue and injury.

Lift platforms are not only a work tool, but also a way to improve productivity, safety and employee comfort. With our solutions, your company can achieve a higher level of efficiency while taking care of the well-being of your employees.

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Lifting fleet

We have a wide range of lifts. The type of lift can be adapted to each place and the specifics of work at height.

Attractive prices

Short-term and long-term rental – with the possibility of negotiating the rental prices and purchase of equipment after the end of the contract.


Comprehensive service and repairs in the event of a breakdown – the machines are constantly serviced, and in the event of faults, we immediately respond to reports.

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